Introducing The Personal Care Connection eNewsletter Q1 Edition
A Word from Derek Jones, Business Unit Director, Personal Care

COVID-19 has drastically changed the means with which businesses communicate. During these times of restricted activity, interacting through digital channels has become the order of the day. I am pleased to announce that we will be issuing a quarterly Enewsletter to bring business information, product releases, trends and more to you in a fresh new way. In addition, I would like to introduce you to the personal care team.

Featured Product: Z-Fold Innovative Closure Tape

Avery Dennison Z-fold disposal tape for pants are engineered for ease-of-use and can be custom printed for branding, product size, or other required information. The Z-Fold tape can be used to securely wrap the product when ready for disposal, as a compact, hygienic package.

Featured Product: Multilane Innovative Closure Tape

Avery Dennison Y-bond Mechanical Multilane Tape is designed for premium brand open baby diapers and incontinence briefs. It is a pre-combined, hook-based closure system with two or three narrow hook lanes, which makes the closure system flexible and comfortable.

In The News: TextileWorld and Nonwovens Industry Report

Avery Dennison has launched a new white paper that includes insights and statistics on two vulnerable population groups, namely the elderly and premature babies. The report addresses the need for diaper materials to help prevent injury and the proper selection of application types for diaper materials, tapes and closures.

Closure Selection Made Easy, Become an Expert with the Avery Dennison Core Series Portfolio

A streamlined portfolio designed to select your product confidently and quickly to make it easy for you to do business with Avery Dennison and your customers.

To be launched soon!