Tape for facial tissue packaging closures

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes offers a range of selfwound, linerless tapes for closures on facial tissue packages that add functionality and provide high performance.

With decades of experience in the design, development, manufacture and supply of high performance closure solutions for baby, incontinence, feminine care and packaging, Avery Dennison is one of the most trusted brands in the personal care field. 

Avery Dennison solution

Handkerchief pockets need to be able to be reclosed after you take out a paper tissue. It needs a fingerlift section and must have a permanent bond on one side of the pocket, and be reclosable on the other side of the pocket. This will allow for easy opening of as well as instant access to your pocket-sized packed paper tissues, while preserving the remaining stock. It also prevents contamination, which is to say it will keep them clean before use.

Furthermore, facial tissue packaging closures need multiple openings and closings, with a minimum of at least the amount of individual paper tissues in the pack.

Added value for tissue packaging

We offer self wound tapes for closures on facial tissue packages. Our self wound tape doesn’t require a liner, lowering cost and reducing the footprint. Our solution features high quality adhesives that reliably close the package over and over again, along with an easier-to-open, adhesive-free fingerlift that is available in a range of colors.

Avery Dennison tapes help brand owners and converters add value to their packaging. These closures are designed for easy consumer removal while helping ensure that the package contents remain dry and clean until needed.

It works as a closure system for plastic handkerchief pouches. The facial paper pack will open with the first peel of the closure tape. The closure tape is ripping the pouch film at the pre-made perforations. The hinge part of the tape stays permanently onto the pouch lid. The peeled tape end provides an exposed adhesive area, to assure re-closure of the pouch, for multiple times.



Backed by Avery Dennison

Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a global materials science leader. We deliver unmatched customer service and technical support to ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and our service programs help to ensure the product is onsite when needed. Avery Dennison has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Technical and R&D expertise provide the foundation for the most optimal product, while customization in terms of imprint and colors is possible. We combine excellent local knowledge of product, production and conversion requirements with a global supply chain.


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