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One of the critical elements of a diaper is the fact that it is useless when the closure malfunctions. Avery Dennison offers reliable and cost-effective closure systems in a product that is specifically designed for this particular application. We provide a full range of solutions for all your closure needs, including a variety of adhesive- and mechanical-based closure systems and individual closure components.

Adhesive closures

Avery Dennison adhesive closure systems are reliable, cost-efficient and specifically designed for the respective market. Our portfolio includes tapes designed for diaper closures, disposal tapes for baby pants and closure tapes for facial tissue packaging.

Mechanical closures

We offer a wide portfolio of mechanical tapes in a range of constructions, colors and sizes. Our range comprises Y-bond mechanical tapes, F-mechanical tapes and Mirror tapes, while designs include single lane vs multilane hooks, nonwoven fingerlifts and carrier colors.

Closure components

Avery Dennison offers an additional range of components engineered for reliability and performance when used in combination with our tapes. We choose our materials carefully to ensure quality, reliability and compatibility with our closure tapes.

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Pant-style diapers and briefs deliver a more underpant-like experience than traditional open diapers. With the product’s greater elasticity and fit, they provide higher levels of comfort.


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About high quality adhesives that reliably close the package over and over again, along with an adhesive-free fingerlift to ensure easiness of opening.




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