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Z-fold disposal tape

Avery Dennison Z-fold disposal tapes are a precombined construction designed for use with disposable pants. These tapes are laminated on the back of the pant during conversion, and remain folded in the “Z” shape while the pant is worn. When the pant is ready for disposal, the tape is unfolded and used to securely wrap the pant into a compact, hygienic package.

Pants are a relatively new trend in both the baby diaper and adult incontinence market. Disposable pants have an underpant-like shape, without the traditional side tabs for closure. But, these side tabs are also used for disposing the diaper: after use, the diaper is typically wrapped into a tight package, and reclosed by using the side tabs. This allows parents, caregivers and nurses to dispose of the diaper in a hygienic way. Pants however, don’t have side tabs and therefore lack the disposal function. Therefore, adding a disposal tape to disposable pants is advised. Avery Dennison Z-fold disposal tape is a folded tape construction named after its shape. It consists of three main layers, which are laminated together to form a precombined folded tape construction. Unfolded, the construction can extend to 2.5 times its folded size, so it can bridge and wrap even large pant sizes.

When the pant is ready for disposal, the tape allows the secure wrapping of a compact, hygienic package.

Designed for ease of use

The design of our easy-to-convert Z-fold tapes was recently improved to minimize the folded tape area onto pants, yet offer a wide extension. There is also minimized risk of flagging of the different tape parts during the tape conversion process, in the packaging and before actual use of the disposal tape by the end user.

The fingerlift portion of the tape is non-extending for better conversion, yet is generously sized for more convenience and hygiene, as it makes disposal of a used diaper easer. Customization possibilities include imprint options (size indication, absorption level, branding – etcetera) and fingerlift colors.

Application focused adhesives

Our products feature Avery Dennison adhesives that are specially designed and engineered for the unique requirements of personal care applications. These adhesives are compliant with ISO 10993, and provide a strong bond between the tape and even the softest substrates. The adhesives are designed specifically to have a firm bond on even the softest substrates. The Y-bonded solution of the tape at the permanent part, strengthens this bond as well. The adhesive and silicone bond between the three layers avoids flagging of the tape in the diaper manufacturing line and during use.



Backed by Avery Dennison

Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a global materials science leader. We deliver unmatched customer service and technical support to ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and our service programs help to ensure the product is onsite when needed. Avery Dennison has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Technical and R&D expertise provide the foundation for the most optimal product, while customization in terms of imprint and colors is possible. We combine excellent local knowledge of product, production and conversion requirements with a global supply chain.


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