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Double Coated Tapes for Sanitary Napkins and Absorbent Insert Pads

Sanitary napkins need an adhesive layer to attach the sanitary napkin in underpants, and a liner to keep the adhesive fresh before usage. Most napkin machines nowadays have inline glueing, but there still are some machines that lack this technology and need to buy a precombined solution. Avery Dennison double coated tapes are an ideal solution for sanitary napkin and incontinence pad converters which lack inline gluing capabilities. They feature a glassine paper liner and tissue carrier paired with our specially designed adhesives.

The ideal solution for converters that have no inline gluing capabilities.

Reliable bond, clean removal

Our double coated tapes comprise a glassine paper liner, an adhesive layer, a tissue carrier and another adhesive layer. The two adhesive layers allow for a differentiation of the adhesives or adhesive weights, to ensure a strong bond with the sanitary napkin, a secure bond with the underpant substrate and at the same time allow the napkin to be cleanly removed from the underpant after use, without leaving traces of adhesive behind.

Our inhouse adhesive development ensures a perfect fit to the substrate. There are multiple customization possibilities, including imprints, which not very many companies offer.



Backed by Avery Dennison

Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a global materials science leader. We deliver unmatched customer service and technical support to ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and our service programs help to ensure the product is onsite when needed. Avery Dennison has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Technical and R&D expertise provide the foundation for the most optimal product, while customization in terms of imprint and colors is possible. We combine excellent local knowledge of product, production and conversion requirements with a global supply chain.


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