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Y-bond mechanical tapes

Avery Dennison Y-bond mechanical tapes are a two layer, precombined, hook-based closure system for baby diapers and adult incontinence briefs. These tapes offer a combination of a premium look and feel, combined with durable and reliable functionality.

Specially designed and engineered for high performance on a wide range of backsheet materials.

Avery Dennison solution

Traditional adhesive-based closure systems for adult briefs and baby diapers are sensitive to contamination of oils, talcum powder and other things that are commonly used in the process of changing a diaper or brief. Therefore, adhesive tapes are not very user-friendly, as a contaminated closure tape makes a diaper useless.

In addition, the uprise of nonwoven backsheets with a more premium feel developed the need for a more premium look for the side tabs as well. And finally, adhesive closure solutions are often hard to reclose multiple times, if a caretaker wants to check whether a diaper/brief needs to be changed.

In other words, an alternative closure solution was needed.

Avery Dennison Y-bond mechanical tapes feature a soft, nonwoven fastening tape with a hook and fingerlift area and a filmic Y-bond release tape. The mechanical closure is repositionable and resistant to contamination from lotions, powders, and other common products used by caregivers.

Reliable and secure

Y-bond mechanical tape closes a diaper in a reliable way and gives the tape a premium, soft feel thanks to the nonwoven fastening tape carrier. The hook area secures closure without the risk of contamination of lotions, oils, talcum powder, etc. The hook area has an excellent performance onto various loop landing zones, while the Y-bond ensures a strong bond of the permanent part onto the diaper ear.

We use only the best hooks, that are not easily damaged nor damage the landing zone, to allow multiple reclosures of a diaper or brief without compromising reliability. The exceptional shear onto various nonwovens guarantees a good bond of the hooks/functional/end-user part of the tape onto the landing zone, while the soft but aggressive hook element ensures better peel performance onto multiple loop landing zones. For mechanical tapes used in adult incontinence briefs, no landing zone is needed, adding to the solution’s cost-efficiency. In addition, good conversion of the tape in the customer’s manufacturing line is ensured by a balanced adhesion of the fastening tape to the release tape. 

Our products feature Avery Dennison adhesives that are specially designed and engineered for high performance on a wide range of common personal care substrates.

Easy-to-convert Y-bond mechanical tapes are available in multiple designs and constructions, and in tape widths ranging from 46.4 to 67.5 millimeters.



Backed by Avery Dennison

Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a global materials science leader. We deliver unmatched customer service and technical support to ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and our service programs help to ensure the product is onsite when needed. Avery Dennison has over 40 years of experience in the industry.

Technical and R&D expertise provide the foundation for the most optimal product, while customization in terms of imprint and colors is possible. We combine excellent local knowledge of product, production and conversion requirements with a global supply chain.


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