Self-Wound Fastening and Release Tapes

Avery Dennison offers self wound fastening and release tapes. These tapes provide a solution for diaper and personal care converters with the capabilities to assemble tape components as part of their manufacturing process, instead of purchasing the components in a precombined format.
Fastening tapes are available in a nonwoven or a filmic format, and release tapes in a filmic format. Both come in different widths. A fastening tape and a release tape can be combined to form a Y-bond designed to ensure a solid and durable bond on the ear of the diaper.

Application Focused Adhesives
Our products feature Avery Dennison adhesives that are specially designed and engineered for high performance on a wide range of backsheet materials.

Backed by Avery Dennison
Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident, knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a recognized global materials science leader. We provide outstanding customer service and technical support to help ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and service programs that help ensure that the product is onsite when needed.

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