Z-fold Disposal Tape

Avery Dennison Z-fold disposal tapes are a precombined construction designed for use with disposable pants.
These tapes are laminated on the back of the pant during conversion, and remain folded in the “Z” shape while the pant is worn. When the pant is ready for disposal, the tape is unfolded and used to securely wrap the pant into a compact, hygienic package.

Designed for ease of use
Easy-to-convert Z-fold tapes consist of three layers. These are laminated together to form a precombined, folded tape construction. Unfolded, the construction can extend to 2.5 times its folded size, so it can bridge and wrap even large pant sizes.
The finger lift portion of the tape is non-extending for better conversion, yet is generously sized for more convenience and hygiene. The tape can also be custom printed for branding, product size, absorption level indication or user instruction needs.

Application Focused Adhesives
Our products feature Avery Dennison adhesives that are specially designed and engineered for the unique requirements of personal care applications. These adhesives are compliant with ISO 10993, and provide a strong bond between the tape and even the softest substrates.

Backed by Avery Dennison
Choosing Avery Dennison means converters and brand owners can be confident, knowing their adhesive systems are engineered, manufactured, and supported by a recognized global materials science leader. We provide outstanding customer service and technical support to help ensure the right product is chosen for the application, and service programs that help ensure that the product is onsite when needed.